Hello! I am Konstantinos and I am a Level Designer. My earliest memory of video games is dropping from a helicopter and sliding into a dark cave near the Great Wall of China. It was the first level of Tomb Raider II, one of my favorite video games of all times. I have always thought of video games as alternate worlds and players as potential inhabitants. Amazed by the craft of creating environments and in order to demystify this process, I first studied Architecture and then transferred these skills to Level Design. This combination of disciplines has  made me a tinkerer and a thinker; A designer that equally enjoys the craftsmanship of achieving the best possible compositional framing in a level as well as facilitating and communicating the high level idea of the same level. In a professional environment, I consider myself a team player and a facilitator first and foremost, as I understand that video games are a team sport and if played well, can result in an environment as simple as a cave, leaving a lasting impression 23 years later.

In my free time I enjoy reading cinema magazines, watching science fiction movies,  sea documentaries,  and travel shows. When I'm not doing any of the above, I like challenging my cousin and myself by trying to  come up with ideas for different taco recipes every other weekend, with, admittedly, mixed results. I always had a passion for athleticism and I channel this energy by playing soccer whenever I find the opportunity. Although that was always a hobby for me, I will always remember my last year in Highschool when my team and I made it up to the semi-finals of the Under 18 Regional Soccer League. 


I am born and raised in Athens, Greece, and have also lived both in the Southern as well as the Northern parts of my country. From studying Architecture in Chania, one of the most beautiful cities of the South Greece to doing my military service in the northern valleys of  Evros region, being part of such diverse experiences had a strong impact on me. Above all, made me understand that being passionate, persistent and having a strong work ethic can make a difference, regardless of the field or discipline one chooses to pursuit.

I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida, finishing up my Master's  in Interactive Entertainment, and aiming to join the video games industry to contribute to the most amazing craft of all; Making worlds for people to experience!