TYPE: Personal Project: Graduate Research Thesis, School Of Architecture, Technical University Of Crete


I conducted the research, organized the research framework, wrote the entire thesis (a 100-pages book graded 4/4 by faculty), illustrated the book, designed diagrams and presented my work to my entire cohort and faculty members.

SOFTWARE USED: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Photoshop, InDesign

"Gamespace: Analyzing the Spatial Modalities of Video Games" is a writing document that I wrote as part of my Graduate Research Thesis. Its main objective is to analyze, categorize and better illustrate the different types of spaces we encounter in video games. The research focuses to the different reasons and decisions that shape the spaces of videogames, their origins and how they are perceived by the user. What role does Narrative play in the design of spaces? How we can convey game mechanics to the player through space? What makes a city in Assassin's Creed different than one in The Witcher? These are the types of questions this writing document sets off to make more fathomable, in an effort to create a holistic framework to better understand the spaces of videogames. Here is displayed the last chapter of the book, called Ludic Architectures. You can view the PDF right below.